Windows Phone 7 Wish List

Below are the features I would like to have added to the Windows Phone 7.  Thanks for reading my gripe list!

  • Make tethering a native function in Windows Phone software (currently have to make tweaks to work – see my post here)
  • Add more features to Outlook Mobile so that messages can be grouped by thread/conversation
  • Sync Outlook search folder views from Exchange to Outlook Mobile
  • Add the ability to send MMS messages and attach audio or video
  • Add the ability to install additional ring tones
  • Add the ability in the Zune player to shuffle-play Albums, Artists and Playlists
  • I miss the cut and paste of Windows, please bring it back
  • The ability to search the Marketplace for apps by keywords Solved!  I found out how to do this, and feel dumb that I missed the obvious.  Whenever in Zune or Marketplace, press the search button on the phone.
  • Arrow keys on the touch screen keyboard to be able to move the curser around with precision Solved!  Again, another trick that needed to be discovered.  Just press and hold in the line of text, and a floating cursor will appear that you can move with precision anywhere you want.
  • The alarm only has a default snooze of 5 minutes.  It would be nice to be able to choose a snooze in more increments, like 10,15, 30, 60
  • Would be nice if rating and reviews for apps would be remembered so that I know what I have already rated
  • The camera and video settings should save the settings I change and not reset back to defaults each time I close and open the camera/video mode

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